Go Vegan for Health Benefits That Will Make You Never Look Back

 Becoming a vegan is not a food style it’s about lifestyle choice, which one adopts if he/she wants to become healthier or for ethical reasons. A vegan persons, who does not use any animal products in their food or any other ways. Like we said, being vegan is not just about food choice, it’s about way of life.

Veganism is picking up phase everywhere and peoples ditching animal proteins in favour if vegan diet are doing for a several reasons. Humans should live along with nature, so we would rarely sick and we would be eating only vegan diet. Vegan diet means food only from plants, no meet, fish, and egg and milk products.

What are the health benefits?

Compare to animal protein eaters (meat eaters), vegans usually weigh less, having less cholesterol, proper blood pressure and lower risk for type II diabetes.  Research studies has been proved that vegans have 30% lower risk for cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 

Go vegans, why have to ditch dairy products

Milk is a food that every mammal makes for its young generations. For example, cows increase their weight 10 times in first year by only drinking milk, cow milk contains all kind of nutrition for that kind of dramatic growth. Milks are rich in protein, fat and no fibre. We all think that milk is healthy, even though 65% of it is adulterated but it’s really not. 

Not even the 35% unadulterated milk. Due to overall saturated fat, high calorie, and cholesterol content of the diet, they may increase the risk of obesity, heart disease. Some research studies suggested that milk and other dairy products may linked to prostate cancer in men and ovarian cancer in women. Unlike lactose intolerance persons, in normal persons the enzyme lactase stop being produce when the person is between two to five years old.

It's an easy task for most people to give up milk, but it's hard to give up dairy products like curds, buttermilk, cheese, paneer, ice cream, cream, butter, and sweets. All these diets are due to habits, and we all know that habits can be broken.

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