Benefits of eating food with your hand

Numerous peoples around the globe eat their food with their hands, however as we adopt more traditions of the western world, now a days it is very common to see people using spoons and forks. Eating with hands has been around longer than cutlery. A practice that was adopted by the most civilized of the civilisations like Indus Valley, Greek and the Egyptians, it would hence be incorrect to call it barbaric. But besides necessity, there are a lot of other reasons for it that you must know:


What does Ayurveda suggests?

Most Indians believe that the real taste of food can be experienced only by eating it with hands. As per Ayurveda, every finger is an augmentation of each of the five elements. Thumb comes space, with the forefinger comes air, the middle finger is fire, the ring finger signifies water and the little finger represents Earth. According to Ayurveda, eating with hand and engaging finger tips are believed to boost digestion. In fact, you become more aware of the textures, taste and aromas as you eat using your hands.

Helps lose weight

People ate by hand while simultaneously reading a newspaper or watching TV, they were less hungry at snack-time and opted for a smaller snack. Researchers concluded that eating by hand promotes a sense of fullness and satiety as compared to eating with utensils.

May prevent type II diabetes

Several research studies showed that people with type II diabetes were more likely be fast eaters that used cutlery to eat, as compared to people without the condition. Eating with spoon or fork correlates with faster eating, which has been directly linked to the blood sugar imbalance in the body, and leading to the development of type II diabetic condition.

Manages food

Compare than eating with spoon and fork, eating with hands makes you eat slower. You have to pay attention to what you eat when you eat with hands, which makes you aware of how much you have eaten. Mindless eating is one of the biggest factors of gaining weight; hence, managing food portions plays a key role.

Improved digestion

When you eat with your hands, the flora in the fingers is swallowed. It is beneficial for health and for various body parts such as the mouth, throat, and intestine, and it promotes healthy digestion in the gut. Handling food with your fingers releases digestive juices and enzymes.